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Sunday, Feb 14, 2016


Hunters find casket in wildlife refuge; returned to grave

Hunters found an intact casket in a wildlife refuge, and the coroner was able to return it to its grave
Updated: 5 hours ago

Unlucky in love, elephant damages 15 cars in southern China

After losing out on his love interest, a wild elephant has turned his attention to cars
Published: 02/13/16
Animal rights protest scrapped after

Animal rights protest scrapped after "greased pig" dust-up

An animal advocacy group has withdrawn its protest against a New Hampshire winter carnival event billed as a "Greased Pig on Ice" after learning the act features a man on skates wearing a pig costume
Published: 02/12/16

New York City officials decide it's too cold for ice fest

Officials in New York City say it's too cold for the annual Ice Festival in Central Park
Published: 02/12/16

Iran rules "decadent" Valentine's Day celebrations a crime

Iran says it is cracking down on Valentine's Day celebrations and shops engaging in them will be guilty of a crime
Published: 02/12/16

Police: Suspect in 4 heists needed money for kitty litter

A Pittsburgh woman jailed in four recent store robberies told police she needed money for dog food and kitty litter
Published: 02/12/16

Hating Valentine's Day? Goodwill says donate your ex's stuff

Goodwill stores in Sarasota, Florida, and Las Vegas are encouraging people with an anti-Valentine's Day antidote: They suggest people donate their ex's stuff for the holiday
Published: 02/12/16

Russian Orthodox Church allowed to return debt in prayers

A Russian regional court has ruled that a local branch of the Orthodox Church can repay part of an outstanding debt of 258,000 rubles ($3,244) in prayers rather than money
Published: 02/12/16

Drug smuggling charge dropped against 92-year-old Sydney man

Prosecutors have dropped a charge against a 92-year-old retired surgeon that alleged he had smuggled 1 million Australian dollars ($700,000) in cocaine hidden on bars of soap into Sydney airport
Published: 02/12/16

Puppy’s collar likely caused Mississippi home’s explosion

GULFPORT, Miss. – Blame the dog.
Published: 02/11/16