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Monday, Dec 05, 2016

AP Health Statistics

Virginia health official warns of hepatitis C 'tidal wave'

Virginia's top health official is warning that the state soon be dealing with skyrocketing rates of hepatitis C and HIV due to the ongoing opioid epidemic
Published: 12/02/16

Low-income childhood obesity on decline in Wyoming

New data show a declining rate of childhood obesity among low-income families in Wyoming
Published: 11/25/16

West Virginia editorial roundup

Summary of recent West Virginia newspaper editorials
Published: 11/23/16

Fewer babies dying in Memphis, but rate still higher than US

The infant mortality rate in Memphis has hit a record low, marking an important milestone in the city's fight to improve a key measure of its overall health
Published: 11/21/16

Mississippi's obesity rate among low-income children stable

Mississippi's obesity rate among young children from low-income families remains stable at 14.5 percent, but officials note the rate is still too high
Updated one month ago

Infant mortality high in Alabama despite improvement

New statistics show Alabama's infant death rate remains high despite improvement
Updated one month ago

Ohio sees uptick in infant deaths, widening white-black gap

A new report shows an uptick in Ohio's infant mortality rate, with the rate for black babies approaching three times that of whites
Updated one month ago

Report: Child deaths due to maltreatment increase in Arizona

Child deaths due to maltreatment involving physical abuse, neglect or both continue to climb in Arizona
Updated one month ago

Panel: N Carolina child death rate largely unchanged in 2015

North Carolina's child death rate was essentially flat last year compared to the year before, even as a recently higher youth suicide rate fell
Updated one month ago
New MSF survey: Thousands of kids dying in northeast Nigeria

New MSF survey: Thousands of kids dying in northeast Nigeria

Doctors Without Borders says thousands of children have died of starvation and disease in Boko Haram-ravaged northeastern Nigeria, quoting a new survey that has brought Nigerian officials to stop denying the crisis
Updated one month ago