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Sunday, Aug 28, 2016

AP Health Statistics

Violence has taken years off of life expectancy in Syria

The ongoing violence in Syria has taken years off of people's life expectancy, according to a new analysis published in the journal Lancet
Published: 08/24/16

Cal State system pushing students to graduate in 4 years

The California State University system has seen some improvement in graduation rates in recent years but it's still low - 11 percent of 2011 freshman got a degree in four years, while 57 percent of those who started in 2009 graduated in six years
Published: 08/22/16

Woman fights kidney disease, defies all statistics

When doctors told Nieltge Gedney she had less than a year to live, she knew if she didn't advocate for health, she'd run the risk of being 'treated' like everyone else.
Published: 08/14/16

Study: Lesbian, bisexual women developing healthier lives

Living Out, Living Actively, known as LOLA, is a health study program led by a University of Missouri professor, and is part of the first national study on healthy weight for lesbian and bisexual women
Updated one month ago

Fighting HIV in Miami, 1 dirty needle at a time

A public health advocate in Miami, where new HIV infection rates consistently top the national charts, Hansel Tookes had been struggling for years to get a bill passed in the Florida Legislature to create a program to help end that terrible distinction
Updated one month ago

Death highlights weather risks at Humphreys Peak

A teenager's recent death highlights a growing trend of hikers ignoring risky conditions such as lightning danger to ascend Arizona's highest peak
Updated one month ago