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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Otto: 211 line up to be Children’s Board chief

A week from Wednesday the search firm hired by the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County will show up at a board meeting and present about 10 to 12 candidates for the position of executive director. Out of that, board members will be asked to come up with five finalists. You might have heard that jobs are scarce and you might not think it necessary to hire a head hunter to round up candidates for a job that paid its last director $164,000 plus expenses. Silly you. The board shelled out $24,000 and came up with a list of 211 candidates. I won’t toss out any names that might doom them from consideration.
But the candidates include a bank vice president, an Army officer, the assistant manager of a “Stuff Shop,’’ a manager from Tire Kingdom, someone from the Junior League, an analyst from the Iowa National Guard, a congressional aide, an officer from Central Command, a Post Office plant manager, an assistant manager of a Red Robin restaurant, a Target store team leader, a director from “Way Off Broadway,’’ and an Illinois prison warden. You might save the date March 25, when there will be a community reception for the five finalists from 4-6 p.m. I hope the board will have its candidate by April to allow interim director and former Mayor Pam Iorio to get on with the business of being available to run for governor. A better job is apparently already taken. This week R. Lee Waits announced he is stepping down as head of Goodwill Industries – Suncoast Inc. Goodwill, of course, is set up to help the developmentally disabled. It also apparently helps management as it was revealed that Waits drew a compensation package of $440,197 in 2010. He is passing the job over to his deputy director. The state University Board of Governors has called the chairman of the new Florida Polytechnic University Board of Trustees to its plush carpet to have him explain what’s going on. Apparently the new school on the edges of Greater Bartow is asking for an extra $25 million from the Legislature that nobody was expecting. I can understand their concern. Everyone knows that when you start up a university it’s going to take at least a half-billion dollars to get that football stadium up and running. So far, deputies have not told citizens to avoid that new hotbed of crime…Sun City Center. Reports of roving bands of street hoods in golf carts have not been confirmed, although you’ll notice a creepy silence if you drive through its streets at night. The truth is there is almost no crime in Sun City Center, although there seems to be something going on with the development’s 1,100-person volunteer security patrol. It happened after the overseeing board ousted its patrol chief over misconduct charges. Sand was poured into the gas tank of a patrol vehicle, and tires were flattened by nails and screws. The new patrol chief received a threatening letter. A lawsuit has been filed and there is enough “he said, she said’’ going on -- even by Sun City Center standards. My only advice is that if you are in Sun City Center and a golf cart with a siren and flashing blue light pulls up behind you, keep going. You never know.
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