South Tampa
Monday, Aug 31, 2015

Believing Tampa Foundation: Therapy for those in need

With help from a physical therapist twice a week, Rick Loyer is out of his wheelchair, lifting weights on pulleys and doing other activities, all to improve his life. More

Bohemian junQue bus features art and more

SEMINOLE HEIGHTS — If it’s parked at any event or festival, Elke Lockert’s eye-catching gypsy junQue bus won’t be hard to find. Brightly painted by St. Petersburg muralist Derek Donnelly, the colorful converted short school bus not only draws attention, but also reflects the vivacious personality of Lockert and her unique creations. More

Hyde Park Village sees uptick in business openings

As the drone of hammers and drills moves toward conclusion, the ringing of new businesses’ cash registers adds to the sounds of Hyde Park Village. More

Pooch and owner expose harshness of bullying

All eyes were on Marshall the Miracle Dog, the celebrity guest who recently paid a visit to a group of children at the New Tampa Recreation Center. More

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