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Monday, Jun 18, 2018
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Smoke-free apartment complexes multiplying in Brandon area

First smoking was banned on airplanes and in workplaces, then restaurants and bars entered the fray along with entire college campuses. The tobacco-free revolution was bound to spread to living arrangements and Crescent Communities, a Charlotte, N.C.-based developer was among the first to build smoke-free apartments in the Tampa Bay area. The Carlyle at Crosstown opened in the Brandon area in 2009 and was sold in 2011, said Tara McBride, the complex's business manager. Crescent Communities recently opened a second smoke-free apartment complex in the Brandon area called Crescent Crosstown, 9712 Bosque Creek Circle, and a third Tampa location, Crescent Bayshore, 319 Bayshore Blvd., is set to open in Spring 2014. Although parts of Crescent Crosstown is still under construction, the community opened in late May, said Steve Koger, assistant property manager. So far, four out of 14 apartment buildings have been completed.
"We are proud we are a smoke-free community," Koger said. The policy is part of the lease contract and if violated, residents will receive a warning, later a fee charge and if it continues, it could result in an eviction. The no-smoking addendum states that the smoking ban refers to the use or possession of a cigar, cigarette or pipe containing tobacco or a tobacco product. "Smoking of non-tobacco products which are harmful to the health, safety, and welfare of other residents is also prohibited by this addendum and other provisions of the Lease Contract inside any dwelling or building," according to the addendum. The ban is self-enforced and residents are responsible for notifying quests about the policy, said Nicole Malloy, senior property manager. So far, Koger said they have received positive feedback on the policy. Resident Cody Granflaten who moved from Milwaukee, Wis., said he came from a building where smoking was not allowed but there was no ban outside the building. "It smelled like a bar," he said. Crescent Crosstown's no smoking policy was a selling point for him to move there. At the Carlyle at Crosstown, McBride said over the past year and a half she has received less than five complaints about smokers and it has usually been visitors who violated the policy. The development company, however, has built apartments where smoking is allowed in other states, but it opened the non-smoking communities to create a healthy environment for residents, said Jay Curran, vice president with Crescent's Multifamily Group. "We try to create a community that enhances a lifestyle for our residents," Curran said. The company plans to open seven more non-smoking apartment complexes in the Southeastern United States.
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