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Monday, Apr 23, 2018
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Old furniture gets new life at Corbett summer camp

No need to throw away that old broken- down furniture quite yet.

The kids at Corbett Prep summer camp are using their imagination to make old furniture better than ever with their “Recycle, Razzle, Dazzle, Reuse,” camp.

The floor of the schoolroom they use is covered with donated cardboard to help save it from paint. The rest of the room is stacked with donated furniture that otherwise might have been left on the curb for recycling along with donated paints. That beat-up wood bookcase sitting in the garage? In a week, it could be transformed into something floral or beachy — or just about anything else that inspires the kids.

The kids at the camp don’t all go to Corbett. It is open to anyone who wants to spend a summer doing something creative — you know, besides texting.

“The idea came about as a brainstorm of our teachers,” said director Jill Campisciano. “The beauty of the whole thing is that we get to learn to think globally in an exciting way. It’s a great way for the kids to learn while doing something new and exciting.”

All of the products are reused materials. Even the cardboard that lines the floors was taken after the fifth-grade boat races, which used cardboard, were completed.

There is also another class in the afternoon for the older kids called “Earth-Friendly Art.” The kids discuss ways that the environment works to create everyday products. The kids are making trees out of recycled newspapers mixed with a dose of personal expressions. Sixth-grader Jessica Gilvary is working on a chair that looks like it was designed for a Disney princess. It is teal, but has a pink cushion and is covered in, of course, sparkles. This is Jessica’s second year in the class, so she’s one of the veterans.

“I like this because I still do a lot of homework in the summer,” Jessica said. “I want to do this as many summers as I can.”

When her morning session is over, Jessica still spends afternoons at Corbett in archery class. When she isn’t doing that, she’s maintaining straight-A grades at Corbett.

Juliana Jones is a fifth-grader at Corbett and is painting a table featuring flowers on top with a sunset surrounded with a giraffe on the legs.

“I was just doing the legs and came up with an idea for the top,” Juliana said. “It is going in my playroom. The camp is so much fun. We work in teams and help each other. I am learning so much stuff I didn’t know I could do.”

Third-grader Chloe Rohrer will be going to Chiles Elementary this fall. She designed a small table with a kitten on top surrounded by hearts. She wrote her name using a heart in the middle of her name.

“I wish we could do this all day all year,” Chloe said. “It’s fun.”

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