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Friday, Nov 27, 2015
As season nears end, Florida remains hurricane-free for a decade
The streak is made even more remarkable since Florida, with its 1,260 miles of coastline, has accounted for about 40 percent of hurricane landfalls on U.S. shores in that recorded time period. NOAA
That Floridians made it from June 1 through most of November without a hurricane making landfall is a relief for residents and the insurance industry. But emergency-management officials say this is no time to rest.
Column: Please, St. Petersburg, don’t make same baseball error twice
Tampa Bay’s Victor Hedman helps goalie Ben Bishop keep the puck out of the net during a recent game. Through the first 316 games of the   season,  there have been 46 shutouts posted, meaning 14 percent of all games ended with one team being held off the score sheet, up from 13.6 percent last season.  ASSOCIATED PRESS FILE PHOTO
NHL seeks scoring solutions amid season of fewer goals, more shutouts
A visit with Santa is one of the many attractions of Christmas Town at Busch Gardens. MATT MARRIOTT/BUSCH GARDENS
Christmas Town transforms Busch Gardens into holiday wonderland
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