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Sunday, Aug 28, 2016
Elia supporters silent as Hillsborough School Board members vie for re-election
MaryEllen Elia was fired as Hillsborough County superintendent by the School Board in January 2015.
When four members voted to fire former superintendent MaryEllen Elia last January, Tampa’s politically powerful promised retribution once they faced election again. But now that election time is here, those threatening revenge are nowhere to be found.
Monsignor Laurence Higgins, while comfortable around people of influence, never got to big for his parish, or the Everyman.
Henderson: Monsignor Higgins tended to all, including Jerome, the score guy
One takeaway from the monthly meetings the Citizens Review Board has been conducting since February: Members wish more people would attend.  [ZACK WITTMAN  |  Times]
Editorial: Give Citizens Review Board a chance to work
The state’s Driver and Vehicle Information Database (DAVID) is intended to provide information to certified users in law enforcement. Some officers have misused it, sometimes inadvertently. FLHSMV.GOV
Misuse of Florida’s driver database is often personal

US & World

Uber, rival Careem suspend services in UAE capital Abu Dhabi
Ride-hailing service Uber and a chief competitor have unexpectedly suspended services in the United Arab Emirates capital of Abu Dhabi
English highway closed for 2nd day over collapsed bridge
AP Top News at 8:10 a.m. EDT
Gender inequality costs sub-Saharan Africa $95 billion: UN
UK leader May, Cabinet to chart EU exit at Chequers retreat
Can Clinton save health overhaul from its mounting problems?


Winning numbers drawn in 'Pick 4 Evening' game
Winning numbers drawn in 'Pick 4 Evening' game
Winning numbers drawn in 'Pick 3 Evening' game
Winning numbers drawn in 'Pick 2 Evening' game
Winning numbers drawn in 'Pick 5 Evening' game
FSU assistant coach released from jail after DUI charges
Winning numbers drawn in 'Pick 3 Midday' game


Italian museums giving Sunday proceeds to rebuild quake zone
Italy's state museums are donating their proceeds Sunday to relief and reconstruction efforts in the area devastated by an earthquake
BC-Results Saratoga
Saratoga Results Combined Saturday
Max Ritvo, poet who chronicled cancer battle, dies at 25
Dukes of Hazard actor's Louisiana home, studio swamped
Dukes of Hazard actor's Louisiana home, studio swamped


Woman admits crickets, worms spilling on subway was a stunt
A woman who caused chaos aboard a subway train by releasing a container of crickets and worms says it was all a prank
Owner: Pig found after 6 weeks in 'pretty good' condition
Headstone of Civil War soldier to be fixed after 154 years
UK broadcaster shuts down for hour, asks viewers to exercise
Oldest floating US post office scrapes rock, runs aground
Owner: Missing potbellied therapy pig is found, now home